Principal's Desk

Children are the most important assets of any country and the most important human resource for overall development. Christu Jyoti Convent Sr. Sec. School is one of the settings outside the home where children can acquire new knowledge and skills to grow into productive and capable citizen who can involve ,Support and help their communities grow and prosper .We have entered the new millennium and as part of a rapidly-changing society it is imperative that an appraisal be made of the psychosocial needs and influences on the child and adolescent who will pass on the baton of the human chain into the coming century. Our School plays a crucial role in the development of cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and moral functions and competencies in a child. The teacher and the parents are the helping hands to execute our mission.”Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened.”
In the same way thousands of lives were enlightened from Christu Jyoti. We are greateful to the parents who entrust their children to us with much confidence. We keep all of them in the protecting hands of God Almighty. Let them experience the Divine peace and serenity throughout their lives.